Apr 162015

A few days ago my friend and fellow gamer, Dave Waxtel, approached me about hosting a web page as part of his efforts to change the HMGS Board. I’ve known Dave for almost 35 years – from the first day I walked into NYWA* in June 1980 – so I was more than happy to host his page here on Wargame Supply Depot as a “Mess Tent” (free) site.

Dave is running as a “slate” of candidates with John Speiss, Scott Landis and Neil Brennan.  If you are an HMGS member, I encourage you to read his statement at “Let’s Make a Difference” and make up your own mind – BUT PLEASE VOTE.

* New York Wargamers Association

Mar 212015

Welcome to Wargame Supply Depot.  This is our first post announcing the launch of an online shopping mall for artisan suppliers to the Wargaming hobby.

As a miniatures wargamer of 40 years this site is somewhat of a “labor of love” – giving something back to the wargaming community.

I love the “shopping mall” analogy to explain what we are building here.  In a physical mall, individual stores rent space and receive certain services.  That’s exactly what we’re offering here, but in cyberspace. Continue reading »