Mar 212015

Welcome to Wargame Supply Depot.  This is our first post announcing the launch of an online shopping mall for artisan suppliers to the Wargaming hobby.

As a miniatures wargamer of 40 years this site is somewhat of a “labor of love” – giving something back to the wargaming community.

I love the “shopping mall” analogy to explain what we are building here.  In a physical mall, individual stores rent space and receive certain services.  That’s exactly what we’re offering here, but in cyberspace.

Wargame Supply Depot targets a niche audience – wargamers of all stripes.  Therefore the types of stores you see here will be those that supply the wargaming hobby.

Fort-Churchill3A primary goal is to attract suppliers who may not have an operation large enough to justify supporting a stand-alone e-commerce environment; those suppliers whom, even if they have a web presence, are often hard to find.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to find them and them to find you; and for you to buy their products.  After all we don’t want their website to start looking like the fort in the picture on the right!!

Like any physical mall, we will probably have one or two “anchor” stores that will help bring traffic into the mall.  Hopefully we’ll be able to announce our first anchor-store within the next few weeks.

If you want to learn more about opening a store, click on the Open a Store tab.  Otherwise use the global site search, global categories, and store lists in the right toolbar to browse around.  In general, whatever store you are in the left sidebar will provide in store links, while the right sidebar provides mall-wide navigation.

Thanks for visiting us and don’t forget to patronize our stores.

John Hollier
Wargame Supply Depot’s founder & owner